During this time of the year a pan dulce with a hot coffee sounds good.

November 07 2016

It’s getting to be fall and the temperatures are getting a little on the cooler side. Along with the cooler come those mornings when a good hot cup of coffee with a pan dulce is just what we need to get the day started. But it doesn’t have to stop there, pan dulce can also be enjoyed in the evening with a class of milk, or chocolate milk.

Pan dulce, also known as Mexican sweet bread has long been a favorite treat south of the border. In Mexico pan dulce is a staple found in most homes and offered in many restaurants as a desert, or something to have with your coffee.

Enjoyed in Mexico for as long as anyone can remember, pan dulce is quickly becoming an American favorite also. These days you don’t have to go far to find pan dulce. All Hispanic markets will have pan dulce available and there are now many Mexican bakeries where you can get it fresh out of the oven. More recently traditional American markets seeing the popularity of pan dulce have started to carry it as well.  The only problem seems to be what kind to choose?

Pan dulce comes in many tasty varieties and flavors that make it hard to choose from.

There’s the classic “Concha” which is a sweet bread roll covered in a cookie crust, it’s traditionally flavored with either vanilla or chocolate. These treats which come in a rainbow of colors can also be filled with cream or custard.

There’s the “Chilandrina” which is like a concha, but instead of cookie dough it’s a crust made entirely of hardened brown sugar.

For something a little different than the classic “Concha” you can try a “Corbata” which is made of puff pastry twisted into its namesake, a bow tie, and often sprinkled with a little sugar.

Whatever your taste you are sure to find a pan dulce for you. Next time you’re thinking of something good to have with your coffee on a cold morning try a pan dulce, you won’t be sorry.