Mexican candy is not just sweet like American candy, it’s a different experience.

November 01 2016

Typically, American candy comes in many flavors and textures but it is almost always expected to be sweet. In Mexico by contrast, candy can also be sweet but is not always expected to be. Candy in Mexico like in America comes in different flavors and textures but there is a little more to candy in Mexico. Mexican candy has a unique fusion of explosive flavors which can include a combination of sweet, sour and salty and spicy candies that come in a variety of textures.

Traditional Mexican candy is gaining a following in America. As with many things that originated in Mexico, candy from Mexico is quickly becoming a favorite among American consumers and in fact in many other places in the world.

traditional Mexican candy is becoming an important export product and the international demand for such a delicacy rises. Here is a list of most popular Mexican candies.

It could be that people are looking for new things to try and experience. The taste of Mexican candy can be an adventure for the pallet. With Mexican candy you can explore a variety of flavor combinations along with the sweetness that makes it a candy. Sweet, sour, spicy, and salty are just a few of the flavors that burst out and provide a unique experience.

Among some of the most preferred Mexican candies are the Tamarindo and Chamoy.

The Tamarindo is a uniquely flavored sweet and sour candy that comes in many different forms. Although some brands sell it as lollipops with a salty and chili outer coating, you will also find salsaghetti strips, Tama roca pops and Pulparindo tamarind pulp candy too.

The Chamoy although similar to the Tamarindo is a fruit based item made from mango, plum or apricot. However, it is the salty and sour coating on the sweet candy that adds the typical flavor. Mexico’s most popular candy brands sell chamoy in various forms, including hard and soft chew candies, frozen slushies and even chamoy flavored sauces.

To experience Mexican candy, they can be found in most Mexican markets.