Do they celebrate Holloween in Mexico? What about Day of the Dead?

October 26 2016

So here in the United States Halloween has become one of the largest celebrations, especially among children. It is celebrated on October 31st and is pretty much considered the gateway to the holiday season. Hispanics in the U.S. have adopted the holiday and celebrate it like everyone else. But what about south of the border where they have Day of the Dead, do they also celebrate Halloween.

Well as it turns out Halloween is widely celebrated in Mexico and so is Day of the Dead.  It’s gaining in popularity, and unsurprisingly is especially popular among children. Children in Mexico follow the Halloween tradition of “Trick or Treat” but instead say “queremos Halloween” When knocking at the door.

There are those in Mexico who oppose the Halloween tradition because they believe it is a plot by American big business to make money. Although American business may make some money, there’s no doubt that Mexican businesses make lots of money off Halloween. After all, what’s surprising about businesses trying to make money?

Some are also opposed to Halloween because it falls on October 31st, just two days before Day of the Dead which is seen as an indigenous observance in Mexico and shouldn’t be mixed in with Halloween. But in all honesty Day of the Dead isn’t exactly that indigenous, it’s more like a Mexican form of the Catholic All Saints’ Day, and it contains both European and indigenous elements. In addition, not all Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead in the same way. Mexico is a diverse country and everybody doesn’t observe the Day of the Dead in the exact same manner.

But as in most cases the people rule so like it or not, Halloween has become a Mexican festival. Halloween is a fun holiday for all and is the beginning of the holiday season for both the United States and Mexico.