Los Angeles owes much of it’s history and culture to Latinos.

October 20 2016

Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the world and second largest city in the United States has a rich history and culture and it owes much of it to Latinos. With Latinos making arguably half of the population of Los Angeles there is no doubt they have a major influence on what happens in the city now. But even without the population increase among Latinos in Los Angeles there has always been the Latino influence and culture going back through the city’s’ history.

From its founding by a group of Spaniards, Afro-Latinos, indigenous people and mestizos in 1781 Los Angeles has its roots in the Latino culture. The earliest Hispanic settlers of all of California, not just Los Angeles, were almost exclusively from the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Sonora. The author and historian, Dr. Antonio Ríos-Bustamante, has written that “the original settlers of Los Angeles were racially mixed persons of Indian, African, and European descent.

Today a visitor to Los Angeles cannot go far without running into a reminder of the Latino culture and influence in everything for building architecture to food. Among the most visual reminders of Latino culture in Los Angeles today are some of the amazing murals that can be seen throughout the city. Though they are susceptible to weather, vandalism and decay, murals are also freely visible and open for all to enjoy. For generations, Los Angeles has been renowned as one of the world’s great mural capitals.

Another of the great Latino contributions that make Los Angeles one of the most desired vacation spots in the world is the food. Restaurants and eateries with origins in all the countries of Latin America can be found in almost any area of the city with little effort.

Los Angeles is and will continue to be one of the greatest cities on earth and part of the reason is certainly the influence Latinos have had on it.