When it comes to salsa there is a flavor for everyone.

October 09 2016


When it comes to Mexican food, it just isn’t the same unless you have a good salsa to go with it. Salsas comes in an almost endless variety of tastes, textures and spiciness guaranteed to satisfy almost any palette. Salsa has become so popular now that it is just assumed to be served at most social gatherings. Eaton alone as a dip with chips or as a topping for Mexican food it will always add to the flavor in all cases.

But where did salsa come from? Most agree that he word “salsa” is simply “sauce” in Spanish and is extremely simple consisting of just a few ingredients such as tomato, garlic, onions and chilies. Those are the basics to start but many people then add their own special ingredients to make it the way they like it. Said to have originated with the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas, salsa didn’t become truly popular in the United States until around the 80’s and in a few years’ sales of salsa were out pacing catsup.

On top of being such a delicious treat, salsa is actually good for you too. Salsa made with fresh ingredients contains many of the essential food groups. Starting with tomato which is one of the major parts of salsa and is loaded with antioxidants which and have been shown to offer anti-cancer benefits, cardiovascular support and support bone health. Then there are the chilies which are also a basic part of the salsa. Chilies have a variety of health benefits which include but are not limited to fighting inflammation, releasing pain, clearing congestion to name a few. Chilies are also thought to boost the immune system, prevent stomach ulcers and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

It’s not often that we are blessed with a food that is so much loved by so many, is so simple to make, and has so many health benefits. Eat more salsa and enjoy one of the best things in life.